Concept of SHF

How we started and where we work

OUR CORE VALUE:As the name itself reflects in explaining about the core value of SUSTAINABLE HIMALAYAN FOUNDATION, it exists and precedence in bringing positive, tangible change in the people’s lives who are unaware of the basic necessities of daily life priorities.

MAIN OBJECTIVE: The motive of founding this Organization is because the group of people who were drawn to Nepal for the mountains and for the people and society living in the mountains. Their objective is to respond and press problems to find the possible solutions in the sectors of healthcare, mental health, education and to work in the fields of anti-trafficking and finding the ways to preserve the traditional ways of living.

MISSION:“Our mission is to support and promote Sustainable Mountain Tourism, Women Empowerment, improving the lives of Mountain people and the life support system of people”.

  • Empowering women
  • Sanitation
  • Education
  • Charity Trek
  • Accessible Adventure Tourism


Our Hardowrking Team

Preeti Shrish


Founder of Sustainable Himalayan Foundation

Krishna Thapa Magar

veteran and spiritual healer

Senior Advisor


Our latest activities