We specially work in Sustainable tourism, accessible adventure tourism, education and charity trek

Sustainable Himalayan Foundation was founded in 2015 by a small group of people who were drawn to Nepal for the mountains, but returned again and again for their people and society. They wanted to respond to the pressing problems of this magnificent but, where many still struggle without healthcare, Mental health or education, thousands of young girls live in danger of being trafficked, and traditional ways of life are fast disappearing. SHF exists to bring positive, tangible change to people’s lives.

PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental condition that occurs when experiencing or witnessing any terrifying incident. Some of the symptoms include nightmares, flashbacks about the events, severe anxiety and uncontrollable thoughts about the incident. People having to suffer from the traumatic events usually have issues coping up with self care and the time. If the condition doesn’t get cured and worsen with time and lengthen up months and years then PTSD is confirmed.

Winter Sports Festivals:

In order to motivate the locals and the younger generation for some of the motivating sports includes skiing, ice skating and sledding. Organize adventurous and ski event to the young generation in order to stop them to adapt bad behavioral activities such as drug and alcohol abuse and cure them for the long term settlement. One of the major promotions of these kinds of sports is to let the younger people engage and be more sporty in participating in some of the unusual yet technical tasks to inspire and keep them away from some of the abusive addicts.

Women Enablement Status in the society (Women Empowerment):

(self-defense and outdoor safety lessons), with the initiative of walking along with the competitive gender, women tend to enable themselves as one independent self. Hence, it is the process through which women can elaborate, recreate in the deeds they can be, perform and achieve under all the circumstantial situations which were denied in the early days. As, we all know, women are economically stable or empowered which refers to the situation or ability of women to enjoy the right to use the resources, assets, income, their time along with the capability/capacity of improving the economical status and well being on their own.

Charity Trek:

With the slogan of working on the respective fields ‘where culture, traditions, adventures meet and promotes the livelihood of the remote Himalaya.’ 50% of the profit goes to our sister charity organization “Sustainable Himalayan Foundation.” Through this charity trek it will provide a platform to the beginners along with the expertise in learning from the world legendary Sherpas and international and national mountain guides.