Mardi Himal Ski Festival 2022

Sustainable Himalayan Foundation organized "Mardi Himal Ski Festival". The aim of this event is to educate local trekking/climbing guides and to promote the ski tourism. This effort definetly support to local economy by introducing new adventure business.

This event was held in Feb 2022 with the presence of International ski instructor Mr.Krish Thapa and extraordinary participants representing different adventure sector. The event was jointly organized by SHF andLocals

“It’s good to see people are interested. If done right, skiing can be huge in Nepal because there are so many places it can be done,” says Krishna Thapa, an internationally recognised ski instructor.

Krishna Thapa has been in the skiing trade for over a decade. During this time, he has trained people from the UK and from different parts of Europe. But, now he wants to share what he has learnt with Nepalis as he aims to inspire a new generation of adventure lovers to carry on his legacy in the mountains.

Nepal is rich in ski potential

Krishna Thapa says if marketed well, people will come to Nepal only to train for events being held in Europe. Since training at high altitudes is good for the body, this is another thing that the government should be looking at.

“We have so many places that have snow throughout the year. Yes, getting there is not easy, but if we tap into the right market, we have a chance to gain a lot.”

He is certain that Nepal can be a premium adventure destination for people and if people from the west know about it, it will be full of people.

Pravat Adhikari

Pravat Adhikari is a mountaineer, trekkers and blog writer. He has treked most of the adventures trail in Nepal and also climbed Mount Everest in 2019


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